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Semester Program at University of Hyderabad

NCI has an agreement with the Study in India Program (SIP) at University of Hyderabad that enables 15 Nordic students to study and spend a full semester in Hyderabad. The aim of the program is to make it possible for students to pursue sound academic knowledge of India as well as gain experiences of the academic culture and living in India. Students are expected to follow a full-time academic program of 16 credits (30 ECTS) spread over 4 courses. The fall semester runs from late July till early December, and the Spring semester from early January till early May.

Students can choose among the regular university courses in different departments, independent study courses as well as SIP courses especially designed for foreign students. It is also possible to attend non-credit courses in various subjects on Indian culture. The faculty at SIP will assist the students in finding the most suitable courses. More information about the courses offered and course descriptions is available here and information about the Study in India Program is available at the website of University of Hyderabad.

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School fees: 200 USD per credit or 3200 USD for 16 credits (30 ECTS)
Accommodation: 80 USD per week for a twin sharing room and 105 USD per week for a single room Co-curricular activities: 100 USD (tours, airport transfer, etc.)
Board Charges: 43 USD per week
Typically a semester lasts 20 weeks. The cost does not include expenses for travels to and from Hyderabad, visa fees, or medical and travel insurance, for which the students need to pay by themselves.
For details on how to make the payment please click here.


The application should include the following documents:
A letter providing information about previous university studies, expectations and motivations for attending the program, as well as contact information.
A transcript of university credits and degrees (in English with ECTS)
A letter of recommendation from a supervisor stating the suitability of the student
A proof of English speaking ability, either TOEFEL or equivalent certificate
A filled up application form for admission to University of Hyderabad
The application form and the supporting documents should be sent to the International office at your university or directly to the Program Manager of NCI, Ms. Christabel Royan ( The students admitted to the course will be given a letter of admission from University of Hyderabad and can apply for study visa through the Indian embassy in their home country.
The application deadlines are as follows:
Fall semester: April 15
Spring semester: October 15

Program Description and Material

Program name: Semester Program in India
Educational institution: Study in India Program, University of Hyderabad, India
Program credits: 30 ECTS spread over 4 university courses
Language of instructions: English
Study periods: Fall semester or Spring semester. The Fall semester lasts from the third week of July to the first week of December, and the Spring semester from the first week of January to the first week of May.
Rate of studies: Full time
Maximum number of students: 15 students per semester
Admission: 1 to 2 years of college or university studies with minimum grades equivalent to 3.0 GPA on a 4-point scale or grade C according to ECTS.

Program Outline

Within the Semester Program students can freely choose among the regular courses that are offered at various departments and centers at University of Hyderabad. Participants are expected to pursue a full time academic program, which means a credit load of 16 credits (30 ECTS), spread over 4 courses. The faculty of the Study in India Program can assist students in finding out the most suitable courses and there is also an opportunity to try out different courses during the first week of the semester before finalizing the program. The Semester Program can include more independent or directed studies when a faculty member supervises readings, a field study and/or a research study focusing on a particular topic. While attending the program it is also possible to participate in non-credit courses that are offered for foreign students in various subjects, such Indian culture, dance, philosophy, yoga, languages, etc.

Coordinator at University of Hyderabad

Prof.B. Ananthakrishnan, Director of the Study in India Program (SIP)
Phone: +91-40-66792808
Address: Study in India Program, South Campus, University of Hyderabad, Prof. C. R. Road, Hyderabad 500 046, India