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NCI INLANSO Hindi Summer Course in Varanasi!

The Nordic Centre in India (NCI) offers the opportunity for students from Nordic member universities to attend a 4-week Hindi summer course. The course is organized in cooperation with the INLANSO, Varanasi.

Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society (INLANSO) is located in Varanasi and it runs language programmes following the principle of combining classroom knowledge with outdoor practice. In their teaching, they also emphasize on making student speak and use the language starting from the very first day of the course. INLANSO pays special attention to the cultural and societal interaction while conducting its language courses. You can read more about INLANSO here.

Levels: Beginners, lower intermediate and higher intermediate equivalent to CEFR (Common European Frame work of Reference for Languages) A1, A2 and B1.

Duration: 4 weeks

The classes will typically run from Monday to Friday 10.30-12 and 13-14.30 with a lunch break 12-13. Depending on the visits (some of the visits may require more time), weather conditions etc some of the classes may start earlier or/and end later than stipulated.

Contents: 80 hrs (20 hrs per week)  of classroom teaching of grammar review/idiomatic expressions, drills/exercises, conversation, vocabulary building,  question making, pronunciation, sentence making/syntax and listening comprehension in form of movie preparation and watching, lectures on social, political and cultural issues as well as outdoor conducted interactions with native speakers and field trips related to the theme of the week.

Studying in Varanasi will take students to the realm of a place that has the most of the pros and the cons of a provincial city while being the oldest one in India besides serving as the gateway to moksha. INLANSO with its programme house, experienced staff and good infrastructure will ensure that students Hindi will reach new levels and will gain the confidence that is needed in the communication with the native speakers.

Credits: 10 ECTS

Examinations: Weekly tests on vocabulary and grammar/idiomatic expressions, weekly assignments in Hindi and final oral test using the vocabulary and structures taught during the course.

Principal instructors: Dr Roquiya Khatoon (PhD in Hindi), and Dr Vivek Jaiswal (PhD in Hindi), INLANSO, Varanasi.

Academic Director and supervisor of examinations: Dr Miriya Malik (PhD in South Asian Studies/Indology), INLANSO.

Participants: Maximum 30

Venue: In Varanasi all the classes take place in INLANSO Programme house, 39 A Ravindrapuri Colony, Lane No 5, Varanasi 221005.

Accommodation: Students have to pay for their boarding and lodging. In Varanasi INLANSO has its own tie-ups with home-stays and flat accommodation that students can choose from. In both accommodation options several students can stay in the same place. All rooms have fans, some also air conditioning. Bathrooms and kitchen are shared with the other Nordic students. There is always access to filtered drinking water. Homestays have washing machines at the use of the students, the flat accommodation has a recommended washer, who washes and delivers the clothes back to the students. All accommodations also have rooftop terraces that can be used for studying, yoga sessions, or even little gatherings with other students. At the homestays, students can also practice their Hindi with the host family, and see how everyday life goes in a regular Indian household, also with its many religious celebrations. All the accommodation options are also very close-by to the INLANSO Programme Building, and the classes can be reached by foot in 5 to 10 minutes.

Fee:  70.800 INR per student irrespective of number of students and levels of instruction required. The fee includes tuition, visits/excursions, support letter for obtaining student visa, assistance in medical and related issues and coordination of extracurricular activities and weekend trips. The students have to pay the travel insurance, visa costs, air fare, local transports to and from the airports/railway stations and to and from Varanasi and fees for extracurricular activities and costs for week-end trips.

Contact: Dr Miriya Malik, Academic Director, Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society (INLANSO), 39 A Ravindrapuri Colony, Lane No 5, Varanasi 221005, U.P., India,, Phone: +91 9953586609.

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American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS)

The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Language Program offers eight-month academic year, summer and semester courses at elementary to advanced levels in many languages, including several that are rarely taught outside of India.
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Hindi Study Program

Since 2011 a Hindi Study Program, tailor-made for students from the Nordic countries, runs in Varanasi. The language program has been developed by Dr. Mirja Juntunen, who is a Senior Lecturer in Hindi and the Academic Coordinator of the courses. The program was initially run by NCI in collaboration with the Gandhian Institute of Studies in Varanasi, but from 2012 it is organized by the Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society, which is an independent public trust set up to organize Hindi studies. For more information about the Hindi Study Program and the Centre for the Study of Indian Langauges and Society, please contact Dr. Mirja Juntunen at: