NCI’s Summer Activity Manager

NCI’s Summer Activity Manager

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NCI is very happy to invite to our Delhi office and residence our newest staff member, Jukka Karjalainen. Jukka is NCI’s Summer Activity Manager. Here is a short introduction of Jukka in his own words:

‘Namaste! I am a second-year student in the Bachelor’s programme in Hindi language at theUniversity of Helsinki. I have always been interested in languages and living abroad, and I have been fascinated by India ever since I saw my first Hindi films in high school. During my studies, I have had a chance to gain a more comprehensive view of the country through language and cultural studies. However, the more I study, the greater my curiosity grows, as the Indian society, culture and languages have so much to offer to any student!

Now I have been given a chance to visit India for the first time and to apply my South Asian studies into practice. I am looking forward to working at the NCI and raising awareness for all the opportunities available to Nordic students thanks to the organisation.’

NCI is very excited to have Mr. Jukka with us for the next two months A very warm welcome to you Mr. Jukka