Semester at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi

NCI has an agreement with St. Stephen’s College (SVC) of Delhi University that enables Nordic undergraduate member university students to study and spend a full semester in Delhi. The aim of the program is to make it possible for students to pursue sound academic knowledge of India as well as gain experiences of the academic culture and living in India. Students are expected to follow a fulltime academic program of 3 DU courses equivalent to 30 ECTS. The fall semester runs from mid July till early December, and the Spring semester from early January till early May.

St. Stephen’s College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi located in the North Campus Delhi, India. It is a Christian college under Church of North India and is widely regarded as one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges for arts and sciences in India. The college admits both undergraduates and post-graduates, and awards degrees in liberal arts and sciences under the purview of the University of Delhi.

Students can choose among the regular college courses in different departments. The coordinator at SVC will assist the students in finding the most suitable courses.


Please write to for more information about the current fee structure.


The application should include the following documents:

A letter providing information about previous university studies, expectations and motivations for attending the program, as well as contact information.
A transcript of university credits and degrees (in English with ECTS)
A letter of recommendation from a supervisor stating the suitability of the student
A proof of English speaking ability, either TOEFEL or equivalent certificate
A CV with complete contact information

The documents should be sent to the International office at your university or directly to NCI, Ms. Christabel Royan ( The students admitted to the course will be given a letter of admission and visa recommendation letter from SVC, Delhi and can apply for study visa through the Indian embassy in their home country.

The application deadlines are as follows:
Fall semester: April 15
Spring semester: October 15

Program Description and Material

Program name: Semester Program in India
Educational institution: St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, New Delhi, India
Program credits: 30 ECTS spread over 3 undergraduate level college courses
Language of instruction: English
Study periods: Fall semester or Spring semester. The Fall semester lasts from the second week of July to the first week of December, and the Spring semester from the first week of January to the first week of May.
Rate of studies: Full time
Maximum number of students: 15 students per semester
Admission: 1 year of college or university studies with minimum grades equivalent to 3.0 GPA on a 4-point scale or grade C according to ECTS.

Program Outline

Within the Semester Program students can freely choose among the regular courses that are offered at various departments and centers at St. Stephen’s College. Participants are expected to pursue a fulltime academic program, which means a credit load of 30 ECTS spread over 3 regular DU courses. The coordinator at SSC can assist students in finding out the most suitable courses and students also have an opportunity to try out different courses during the first week of the semester before finalizing the program.

Practical Information

Students can find practical information for the semester programme here.

Coordinator at SVC

Dr. Nirmal Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of History, Delhi University
Phone: +91 11 2411 8590
Address: Sri Venkateshwara College, University of Delhi, Benito Juarez Road, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India

Coordinator at Nordic Centre in India

Ms. Christabel Royan
Address: B2, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi 110 013, India
Phone: +91-9985146729

City of New Delhi

New Delhi is an urban district of Delhi which serves as the capital of India and seat of all three branches of the Government of India. New Delhi is the seat of power in India and one can see a microcosm of India represented in the city. In many ways intimidating, the city also provides a multitude of opportunities for personal growth. Students will enjoy the historical backdrop that the city provides along with the rich traditions that Delhi securely protects.

More information about New Delhi

About University of Delhi

The Delhi University (DU), one of the major institutions of higher education in India, is widely known for its excellence in research and for its distinguished faculty. Founded in 1922, DU has a venerable legacy and has achieved international acclaim for highest academic standards, diverse educational programmes, distinguished faculty, illustrious alumni, varied co-curricular activities and modern infrastructure. Beginning with three colleges and 750 students, it has grown as one of the largest universities in India with 16 faculties, over 80 academic departments, an equal number of colleges and over seven lakh students. Over 500 programmes offered by the University are approved by Academic and Executive Councils, out of which 209 programmes are being considered for NAAC accreditation purpose. The rest being run in colleges are separately accredited.

For more information about the history of DU, click here.

About St Stephen’s College

St. Stephen’s College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi. Widely regarded as one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges for arts and sciences in India,the institution has produced a line of distinguished alumni. It was established by the Cambridge Mission to Delhi. The college admits both undergraduates and post-graduates, and awards degrees in liberal arts and sciences under the purview of the University of Delhi.  It is regarded as one of the best colleges in the country. Nationwide surveys such as those by India Today and The Week have consistently described the college as amongst the best colleges in India for both arts and sciences. It is one of the three founding colleges of University of Delhi, along with Hindu College and Ramjas College. In spite of its location in North India, the college has always striven to admit students and select teachers from all communities and from all parts of India. It also admits a small number of students from overseas. 

The college offers facilities including a modern library, sports facilites, medical facilities, banking facilities, a cafe and a chapel.

Accommodation will be provided in the residence halls at the college. More information about the same can be found here.

Students also get meals served to them in a dining hall where simple, clean and nutritious food is provided. More information about the same can be found here.