Summer Programmes

Gender and Society in Contemporary India

India Partner: Study in India Programme, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Dates: July 13th to August 8th, 2020
Capacity: 50 students
This is a postgraduate level course that aims to provide and overview of issues related to gender and sexuality in India from a feminist perspective. The diversity of India will be a lens through which the course will explore issues. The themes being considered include Integrating Theory and Praxis in Gender Studies, Gender Violence, Gender and Development, Intersectionality: Caste, Class and Gender, Gender, Religion and Politics, Body, Sexuality and Representations of Gender. Students will learn more about the themes via lectures, readings, films and field trips.

Exploring Urban India: Sustainability Challenges

India Partner: Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
Dates: June 29th to July 25th, 2020
Capacity: 24 students
The summer course “Exploring Urban India: Sustainability Challenges” is an extension of the long running NCI programme, “Approaching Environmental Management in India” The present course plans to introduce students to the state of sustainability in contemporary urban India along with the challenges, prospects and many localised innovations towards increased sustainability. India is one of the most rapidly urbanizing developing nations in the world and  urbanisation has been driven by economic growth. Increasingly various stakeholders are aware of the need for crafting an urbanization trajectory that is sustainable for its cities. This increasing awareness is coupled with the push towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This course will specifically look at the issue of urban sustainability through the themes of city governance, urban planning, provision of basic services, the use of technology and innovation, and urban activism among others.

Hindi Language Programme

India Partner: INLANSO, Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society, Varanasi
Dates: May 15th to June 15th 2020
Capacity: 20 students
This is a four-week-long intensive summer Hindi language course for students at A1, A2 and B1 levels of Hindi. The language programme focuses on the principle of combining classroom knowledge with outdoor practice with an emphasis on making students speak and use Hindi starting from the very first day of study. Special attention is paid to cultural and societal interactions so that students get the context of the language they are learning to speak.

The courses are available in the 7.5 ECTS variant and the 10 ECTS variants. The course structure remains the same with the exception of additional course work for students opting for the 10 ECTS variant.