Why India?

India’s higher education system is one of the largest in the world and offers many co-operation opportunities for Nordic universities.
India has emerged as one of the leading global economies with growing international importance. Students will increasingly find themselves co-operating with India during their careers regardless of their field. Higher education in Nordic countries will, therefore, have to meet new demands for understanding India.

NCI offers its member universities an opportunity to establish and conduct cooperation in research and higher education between the Nordic countries and India in a cost-effective way without having to hire extra personnel. We offer our member universities services which help universities to interact and co-operate with Indian universities, researchers, students and teaching staff.

Our staff both in Nordic countries and India makes it possible for member universities to delegate arrangements for academic activities with Indian universities and research institutions.

Our liaison office in Delhi provides a permanent representation of your university in India.

We can help your university to find co-operation partners from India.
We provide help in arranging workshops, conferences as well as research and teaching co-operation which promote Indian research in the Nordic countries and Nordic research in India.
The NCI opens up opportunities for Nordic scholars and students to meet and co-operate on India-related research and study.

NCI recommends some nice guesthouses in South Delhi, e.g. Nizamuddin, Sundar Nagar, Golf Links, Defence Colony. Members of NCI get special room tariffs when booking through our Delhi office.
NCI also provides assistance with domestic transportation (taxi, train and flight).
For inquiries and reservation please send an email to:

Students of member universities can participate in summer courses and training programs tailor-made for students from the Nordic member universities. At present we offer following courses: Contemporary India (University of Hyderabad), Approaching the Environment in India (the Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore) and Human Rights in India (National Law School of India University, Bangalore). We also offer semester programs at the University of Hyderabad and Pondicherry University where students can study any subject for one semester.