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Research Support

The Government of India requires foreign scholars to take its approval for conducting research in India and it is therefore imperative that persons intending to carry out research come to India on a research visa. Currently, all Indian Missions/Posts abroad have been delegated powers to issue Research Visas. Local FRRO/FRO is competent to convert Student ‘S’ visa into Research ‘R’ visa subject to furnishing of documentary proof of admission in a research programme and of adequate financial resources. In such cases, the conversion from ‘S’ into ‘R’ will be allowed only if the foreigners have pursued a regular three years degree course/Post Graduate course from a recognized University.

Applications for Research Visas can be submitted online through the portal on the Ministry of Home Affairs. A checklist of documents and other information required to be submitted with the application for a research visa is provided below:

  1. Subject/topic of the research project
  2. Details of places to be visited in India during the project period.
  3. Details of previous visits to India.
  4. Letter of admission and Certificate of Affiliation in original from the recognised Indian University/Institution in token of having secured admission for the research purpose.
  5. Evidence of financial resources to meet the expenses to meet the stay in India.
  6. In case the research proposal relates to the applicant’s own country a brief synopsis (150 words) and justification for doing research in India should also be submitted along with the application.
  7. No columns in the application form must be left blank by the applicant.

For more information, click here to check the supporting documents required for visa applications to India. Click here for FAQs related to research visa.

NCI Member university researchers interested in conducting research in India and who are seeking research affiliation are encouraged to reach out to Ms. Christabel Royan, Director, Nordic Centre in India (christabel.royan@nordiccentreindia.com)