• B-2, GF, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi 110 013

NCI’s India Presence

Since 2004, NCI has an India Liaison office in Delhi, approved by the Indian Government (see History), through which scholars, students and delegations from the member universities can get assistance when preparing for research studies in India and establishing contacts and cooperation with Indian universities and governmental bodies.

Liaison Office and Director’s Residence

Researchers, scholars, students and representatives from the member universities of NCI are welcome to visit the NCI India Liaison office. The office is located in the southern part of Delhi, in Nizamuddin East. It is possible for NCI members to use the facilities of the office and director’s residence, e.g. organize official meetings and smaller academic events.

The Residence has also three guest rooms available for members for short-term stays. All guests will have access to practical assistance from the staff at the residence.

Directors Residence Guidelines 2023

Dear Guest,
Welcome to the NCI Residence! We wish you a pleasant stay with us at the Nordic Centre in India. We aim to provide you the best possible assistance while you stay with us and for your larger objectives for visiting India, so please do not hesitate to approach us with any requests, queries, concerns and suggestions.
Below you will find some guidelines and practical information with regard to your stay at the residence.
All the best for your stay in India!
NCI team

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