NCI announces 2018 summer programmes

NCI announces 2018 summer programmes

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NCI is happy to announce that it will be running two summer programmes in 2018. The courses are as follows:

Contemporary India: An Interdisciplinary Introduction Course
India Partner: Study in India Programme, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Dates: June 24th to July 21st 2018
Capacity: 50 students
This is an undergraduate level introductory course that serves as a primer to the changing dynamics in India by focusing on a wide range of topics that have immediate relevance, including politics, economy, society, religion, and development. Students will learn and discuss contemporary trends in Indian politics and the effects it has on the economy and various socio-cultural stratifications characteristics of India. This intensive course will feature daily lectures, field visits both rural and urban, and various other engaging academic exercises. 



Approaching the Environment in India: Issues and Methods in the Study of the Nature-Economy-Society Interface 
India Partner: Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
Dates: 1st to 28th July 2018
Capacity: 24 students
This is a post graduate level course that introduces students to the context and challenges related to India’s urban and rural environment. Students will be taught how to conceptualize the interface between society, economy, ecology and environment in the Indian context by being introduced to various themes that highlight the narratives, ground realities, policy dilemmas, civil society movements, gender perspectives, etc. The course is intensive in terms of both lectures and field trips. Field trips in particular will be used to elucidate micro level perspectives related to urban and rural ecology. Lectures will not be limited to researchers but a greater emphasis will be on showcasing experiences of practitioners’ and administrators’.  

The courses are available in the 7.5 ECTS variant and the 10 ECTS variant. The course structure remains the same with the exception of additional coursework for students opting for the 10 ECTS variant. Students are encouraged to contact Christabel Royan ( for more information about how to apply.