Research Support

Individuals from the Nordic countries apply for Indian visa from their concerned Indian embassy or Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC). The application form for all types of visas is to be filled in on the website of India Visa Online, taken a print out, signed and submitted to the Indian embassy or IVAC with all requisite enclosures. Instructions for filling the visa application form are also available on the India Visa Online website.

The Government of India requires foreign scholars to take its approval for conducting research in India and it is therefore imperative that persons intending to carry out research come to India on a research visa.

According to the guidelines, all visa application including of research proposals must be processed through the Indian Embassies abroad. They are authorized to grant visas if the projects are of routine nature or can forward these to the Indian Government in Delhi for approval if they think so. If the visa application is sent to Delhi, it may take up to 10 weeks to get the approval.

The first step towards getting this approval for research scholars is to obtain a certificate of affiliation from an approved Indian institution/university. This certificate must be attached with the visa application. The scholars are advised to fill in the appropriate visa application form, attach all the required supporting documents, and submit the appropriate number of copies to the concerned Indian embassy.

The office of the Nordic Centre in India in Delhi can help researchers from the Nordic member universities in getting their approval expedited. For queries with regard to research support, please send an online request to NCI.