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PhD student in History with a focus on climate history, Stockholm University

The Department of History at Stockholm University is one of the larger departments within the Faculty of Humanities with about 70 employees. The Department has about 15 active PhD students. There are several different fields of research within the Department.

The Department invites applications for one PhD student positions in history within the research project “Adaptations to climate change in the northern Baltic region ca 1500–1900”. The PhD student shall work on the sub-project that examines the effect of climate change on winter transportation and adaptations to it in the early modern Swedish Realm. The PhD thesis will preferably consist of four studies. Two studies shall be developed by the doctoral student herself/himself, the topics for which can be freely decided, while the two other topics have already been largely determined and have the working titles “The effects of mild winters on production capacity in forestry and mining” and “The impact of seasonal weather variability on connectivity and transportation across the Baltic Sea”. However, the PhD student is free to further develop them thematically at her/his own discretion. Read more about the project on: www.su.se/research/research-projects/adaptations-to-climate-change-in-the-northern-baltic-region-ca-1500-1900.

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